PDS 10th Reunion, May 20, 2000

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Thanks to Lylah who actually took most of the pictures.
Juliet, Jenny, Timory
Robbie, Sara-Jane, Velma
Jay, Lylah, Robert
Lisa, Sara-Jane, Jenny, Velma
Lisa, Sara-Jane, Velma
Ethan, Won, Rodrigo, The soon to be Mrs Paul Shah, Paul
Stephanie and family
Mr and Mrs Espillat, Robert, Jenny
Robert and Stephanie's baby
Robert, Stephanie and baby
Jan Baker, Christie and Liz
Jan Baker, Christie, Lylah
Velma, Lisa, Robbie
Lisa, Sara-Jane, Stephanie, Ramsay
Velma, Sara-Jane, Lisa, Lylah, Stephanie
Before Bart Simpson had lunch lady Doris, we had Marie.
Juliet and Christie
Timory, Lisa, Sara-Jane, Robbie
Lylah and Jay
Mr/Mrs Shah, Rodrigo
Rodrigo, Ethan and Velma
Timory's Trophy Husband and Robbie